16th August 2022 
Bereavement and Loss #01

Bereavement and loss

The Pregnancy Counselling Service provides general bereavement counselling, as well as counselling related to pregnancy loss or the death of a child.

  • There are many reasons why you may decide on termination of pregnancy. For some women this can leave feelings of guilt and loss.

  • Infertility can bring feelings of loss for the baby that is longed for, and the treatment itself can be very stressful.

  • Sometimes friends and family do not understand that a miscarriage can be as devastating as losing a baby later in pregnancy. An early loss is not necessarily a lesser loss.

  • The loss of a stillborn baby or a child can be devastating for the whole family.

    What ever the cause of your loss being able to talk through your feelings with midwife counsellor who has a lot of experience in guiding parents through this very difficult time can be invaluable.